Inter-dimensional travel IS REAL!
It’s HERE!
And it’s AMAZING!


But unless an impulsive young test-driver and an astonished news-crew-intern can somehow stop a murderous army colonel from stealing the technology, it just may bring about the END of all reality.
If the colonel gets the bikes, interdimensional travel will become a means of invasion and assassination. The colonel is running out of time, and is becoming more aggressive, and more careless. If the Thrill Kings want to keep their dream of peaceful exploration alive, they will have to act. If they want to stop the colonel’s missteps from triggering a TOTAL REALITY MELTDOWN, they will have to act NOW.
Thrill Kings: Fragmented Sky is an interdimensional action extravaganza — full of crazy motorcycles, nightmare weaponry, strange monsters, interesting aliens, outright terror, welcome humor, and a surprising amount of soul.

Come explore this wild novel.



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