The birth of inter-dimensional travel

One night to save a dream.

Inter-dimensional travel is real, and so stunning it heightens the imagination, but the fantastic age of discovery it promises will never happen if a murderous army colonel succeeds in stealing the technology.
Working to stop the colonel, or at least slow him down, is an impulsive young test driver, who sneaks away from his team one night and tries to expose the colonel in the news-media. This doesn’t go well, but it puts the test driver in the field the night the colonel launches his final assault.

Inter-dimensional technology, even in small amounts, does not respond well to rough treatment. The night grows stranger and stranger, realmlines intersect, and the young test driver, togetherwith the terrified news-crew-intern he’s somehow convinced to help him, find they will have to confront the colonel themselves, despite the danger -- or risk the loss of the Earth and all reality beyond.

This is the night our destiny changes.

This is the fight you don’t want to miss.

Thrill Kings
Fragmented Sky
Birth Is Struggle.



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