You can dive into any one of these excerpts from the novel and find something close to a short story -- a problem will start, characters will try to deal with that problem, and then some type of resolution - some new equilibrium will wrap things up -- so while these are not quite short stories -- they are absolutely complete entertainments.  Add some covers, and maybe there’s something new in the world. Take a look and see what you think.


The Kevin Woods Excerpt

In a dark field in California, a team of soldiers readies to fight whatever emerges from an inter-dimensional portal. But what they encounter is so strange they have no effective way of battling it.

The Pinky Bet Excerpt

In the heart of the novel, two young strangers end a night of adventure with a new and blossoming friendship. It seems, for a second, that their problems are over.

The Joy Ride Excerpt

Join the team for a quick ride-through of three different Realmworlds. Decompress, coast, zoom, and catch a groove glimpsing the wonders of worlds not yet explored by Earthers.

The Bon Fire Excerpt

The night began with a Bleed Zone mission that was relatively easy,  The evening should end with a satisfying camp-fire, stories of the night’s adventure, and treats snuck back from earth -- so why do things get worse?

The Nonstop Versus A Parking Lot Excerpt

(parts 1 & 2)

Inter-dimensional flyboy and test driver Nonstop, performs an emergency rescue in a vast parking lot.

And then the parking lot wants revenge.

The Brawling of Demons Excerpt

Not for everyone (my lovely sister hated it). A blow by blow, fully choreographed, fist-fight between Dangler and Varrage. An intimate symphony of violence between two once-men who are “finally free to destroy without restraint”. See if you like it.