First Podcast!

I have my first podcast interview coming up on Sunday. I don’t know what I have to do to participate. It might be as easy as clicking a name in facebook messenger. Interesting. I had to give some thought about the rationale behind Dr Norel’s alignment drives, so I came up with this. I’ll be putting it in the next ebook back matter.



I was very comfortable with the idea that “nature abhors a vacuum”. We’ve all heard that phrase, and we’re familiar with the idea. If you open a hole, something will spill in.

I suspected, that down at the sub-atomic level, vacuums don’t factor in the same way they do here in the normal world. I wanted to see if there was ANYTHING similar in the microverse, and I found the idea of asymmetries. Quarks trade off ____________ with each other using bosons, more specifically, “gluons” (the bosons for electrons and __________ are photons). Trading,(losing and gaining) bosons, both create asymmetries and restore symmetries.

In Thrill Kings, Norel has developed something called an alignment lens. It is a meta-material stacked-lens structure - faceted not only on its outer surface, but very deliberately, all throughout its inner configuration. The idea is that a steady stream of gentle energy, a laser, can be steadily split and reflected within the sealed meta-material so that a type of smearing takes place, one that teases open prolonged states of asymmetry within the meta-material, creating something similar to a subatomic vacuum, and tricking symmetries to be restored by bosons from other continuums (other dimensions). If the gentle-energy introduction is maintained after other-worldly bosons have entered the system, more will enter the system, and events will speed up. The lens will generate a field, and the field will threaten to be overwhelmed by the introduction of another universe. The overwhelmed field could “pop” ( a dramatic event ), and things could appear to return to normal. BUT, an echo from the event, a sustained, self-realizing interaction between the two realmlines could manifest somewhere (almost anywhere) else - this would be an interdimensional portal (usually with a dominant directional flow).

When the field-event occurs in a system that can move (a wheeled vehicle, for instance), the field itself can be smeared, and the resulting “pop” can be maintained, harnessed, semi-controlled, and exploited in VERY interesting ways. Including the targeting of sympathetic flow states (at the exclusion of NON sympathetic flow states). Star Trek had a concept known by the term “Class M” planets, planets capable of sustaining human life. Thrill Kings works on a system of “sequenced omissions”, where, once a rider is zooming in the realmlines, the rider can limit his or her travels to “Class M” realm-locales only, at the omission of everything else, creating truly remarkable shortcuts (first steps have to be close, but gaps can get progressively longer). Eventually, charted routes of sequenced omissions will get us within driving distance of the exoplanets.


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