Just talking...

I find myself with a few minutes. The site MIGHT get a few new visitors next week.

I saw this morning that my Amazon ads were approved. I’m conducting an experiment. I want to see if releasing all the books to the same list results in any multiple book impressions to the same viewers. I won’t have any way of knowing, but maybe the results will spike or someone will mention it or something.

If this is your first time here - HELLO!.

I would LOVE to make some changes to the site, get a little more color, get every category out to the viewer at once. I see Square space mentions that it is possible to switch templates, but I haven’t had the free time to try

. My daughter went to Comic Con this weekend. I asked her to drop some Thrill Kings Cards on any available flat surface. We’ll see what happens.

Amazon ads cost a small amount when they are clicked on. Most of the Thrill King books are 99 cents - which means 30 cents to the author, which doesn’t leave much room for ad bids. Not a big deal. I need to find readers who will like the project. As it is, I suspect most clicks will come from curious authors setting up their own ad campaigns. If that’s you, say hello! (try it here, or the Rik Ty facebook page)..

To bid higher and be seen with more popular books, I think my main novel has to be priced higher, and I’m not eager to do that.

The ads start the seventh - I hope things start waking up!