AH. Getting out of my own concerns for a moment to say: CONSIDER PARENTS. I was at a free-to-the public comic convention in the Galleria Mall's food court (White Plains, NY). The event got a good reaction, but it was a little like a subway station, noisy and fast moving. I wound up handing out fliers to passer-bys announcing 4 free ebooks. I had to hand write "Free this weekend" on the handout, and it took up all my time (it was designed for something else). woman had a young boy with her. I handed her a flier and gave her the 3 second version of the property. As she walked away, she turned around and asked me "Is it safe for him." and gestured to her son, who was pulling her to a table with some actual comic books. Because my books have no curses, I said "Yeah, I think so."

BUT - here's the thing: it's chancy. Plenty of my pieces are weird and a little dark. Plenty are light hearted and fun. I could easily have underlined the most suitable books for her. I just didn't think of it.

As it is, the book that got the most downloads over the weekend was "The Size Of Minneapolis Upright", which has children on the cover. That's my friendliest story - maybe tied with Not So Bad. But even Upright (or S O M U) has a disturbing scene in it that a parent should know about.

It's too bad too., I have so much free material with no issues at all that I could have steered parents to. It just never occurred to me (the 22 100 word sequels, MOST of the free KOBO excerpts (the Bon Fire excerpt is just adults talking (boring to kids), and the Brawling Of Demons excerpt is a LONG Kung Fu fight scene with cruelty. 2 of the other 4 excerpts feature lots of useless machine gun fire, but no one gets shot). Shame on me for not thinking of this earlier. If YOU have an upcoming event, give it a little forethought. There’s nothing too bad in Thrill Kings. It’s G, PG, or PG 13 so far, but it would have been easy to point to the G rated material.



This site has existed for about a year. I’m still getting my legs under me. I’ve been interacting with the public on Facebook. I’ve started a 100 sequels project, which is a series of 100 word stories starring the Thrill Kings. Fun, and I’d like to get them on this site. I’ve also built a crude Rattletrap in a 3D program, painted 2 covers, and released 2 slim ebooks starring the Thrill Kings. I just finished a month long promotion using KDP free days. Thrill Kings got over 2,500 downloads! I’m starting to feel like I need a dashboard environment that ISN’T facebook. I don’t really want to do a lot of trial and error at the moment - but I think I will be overhauling the site in the next few months - make it an actual base of operations. If you stopped by, Try and let me know. I’ll see you in a bit!

Starting At Zero

I am starting at zero. I’m progressing a little on several fronts, and then back filling. So far, I have a book on Amazon, the same book on Kobo, I don’t have it on B&N or iTunes yet.  I have a website started. What I don’t have, is any visitors, or any readers. I don’t have the slightest idea of the smartest way to change that, so I am starting out small, and I will steadily chip away, chip away, chip away, and get smarter.
My first idea is to knock on the door of 100 book bloggers and ask if they would consider reviewing Fragmented Sky. I’ve asked 35 so far, 5 have said no thank you, several have not answered at all, but one has said yes.  AT some point, probably this year, STRIKING 13 will be reviewing the book. That feels great! That feels pie in the sky amazing! I hope they love it! Chip away. Chip away.
Also, while looking up sites, (My main source is the fantastic INDIE VIEW LIST which features a few hundred bloggers who are actively reviewing indy books - most of whom are overloaded with requests as it is - which makes sense) anyway, I stumbled across a cool site that critiques book covers.
I sent them both of my covers, and they were kind enough to post both of them. Their viewers had some very useful comments - that I will address on a backfill sweep soon - or probably, at the speed I am currently moving, some time this year. BUT THAT IS TWO POINTS BETTER THAN I WAS. Chip away.
Many of the reviewers mention that they will post their review on good reads. I don’t know enough about that. It was on my list for after the first 100, but I am trying to move it up. Last week I started the process of getting the book listed on goodreads,  It seemed to be a submission process, and I haven’t heard back yet, which makes me think I misunderstood something, backfill coming soon.
So far, the excerpts don’t seem to have helped earn any reviews - but maybe in time, or maybe with site visitors. Who knows, they’re neat - they’re bound to be useful someday.
Speaking of neat - my poking around on the blog sites has led to my being introduced to LOTS of cool sites and cool books -- The House At The Bottom Of The lake (seems cool), Artificial Evil (clever)(the Techxorcist!) (clever again - ) The Never Hero (heard the author on a podcast last year, and am always happy to see him get some attention), Barb Taub (writer). All of these deserve more attention than I’m giving them - but my eyes are closing - Good Night!